The Importance of Kingdom-Focused Student Ministry

Mike Leake, For The Church Blog

A wonderful quote from an article that is definitely worth reading. How is your youth group preparing and sending students? Tag us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us how you are working towards a more “kingdom-focused” youth group. Read More At: The Importance of Kingdom-Focused Student Ministry    

A Proverbs Influenced Life

Post by Amber Hardy

Sometimes, I catch myself living for forgiveness. One of the beautiful things about a Christian life is that we do receive the forgiveness of sins, but this gift also begs to be taken advantage of- because I admit to sinning boldly with the knowledge that grace and forgiveness is just around the corner. That in […]

Youth Group Theme Nights

50 Themed Event Ideas – Stoked On Youth Ministry Great article if you are running low on theme ideas. However, we know youth pastors are quite the creative bunch, so if you have any other great theme ideas that you don’t see on this list, please share this article plus your youth group’s favorite theme […]