Vision: A Quote from Bob McNabb

Nothing straps a rocket onto the back of a new believer like vision.   If you are looking to pass along vision to new believers in your church, you may want to start with this helpful book- Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World by Bob McNabb. This quote taken from the chapter on spiritual parenthood is meant […]

The Importance of Kingdom-Focused Student Ministry

Mike Leake, For The Church Blog

A wonderful quote from an article that is definitely worth reading. How is your youth group preparing and sending students? Tag us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us how you are working towards a more “kingdom-focused” youth group. Read More At: The Importance of Kingdom-Focused Student Ministry    

Seeing Clearly

Helpful Tips to Show Others Your Vision

Value of Clarity and Vision for Leaders YouthMinistry blog writer Brandon Early gives a solid list of ways to better incorporate others into your youth ministry so that they remain committed to your shared vision.

Watching the Story Unfold

Visual Presentations of the Bible to Share With Your Students

Art can be a great way to connect with your students, and the guys at The Bible Project have compiled illustrative teaching videos that appeal to the artistic minded, as well as the analytic. Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins trace themes throughout the Bible in ways that are easy to understand and visually delightful. They also […]

Viewing Leadership as a Language

Take Your Leadership a Step Further

10 Simple Rules for Mastering the Language of Leadership This article is designed as a measure for your leadership style. Do you follow the rules that Scott Cochrane offers for mastering the language of leadership? Cochrane’s blog is a great resource for aspiring leaders, or current leaders who need help viewing their ministry through the […]

Discovering a Vision for Your Ministry

"It's Time to Get Mean About the Vision God Has Given You"

It’s Time to Get Mean About the Vision God Has Given You At, Brandon Cox challenges his readers to boldly follow God’s vision for their ministry, even if it involves discomfort for those who oppose this vision.