Podcasts For the Weary

Below are a few podcasts that speak directly to the struggles of ministry burnout, and how to take preventative measures so that your calling doesn’t fall into self-harm. Preventing Ministry Burnout: For The Church The first podcast is about 8 minutes. For The Church has put out a few really great shorts with interviews and […]

As We Think About Mother’s Day…

Authentic Community- Post by Gina Mayfield

Lately in our office we have been discussing sharing and how important it is to share your life with others. Not just what you did over the weekend, the latest thing your child did or how many numbers you are running on a Wednesday night, but real, authentic sharing. Sharing of struggles and hurts and […]

The Tale of Two Families

Raising Your Children at Home and Church

The Preacher and His Family: Leading Your Family in God’s Two Gardens J.D. Greear appeals to both the minister with his own family and the parents of youth at their church on the Preaching Source blog. A great thing to pass along to your church staff and congregation as they evaluate their roles in the […]

One of the most powerful moments of the January 2017 Strength to Stand Conference was the prayer by Alex Himaya at the conclusion of his message to students.

Special Guest Post from the JJ Weeks Band

Post by JJ Weeks

Here at SDEA, we love some JJ Weeks Band. Our brothers leading in this ministry truly get worship leadership and friendship. It’s always an honor to serve alongside them. Take some time and check out what JJ has written this morning. Did you know he was a youth pastor at one point? He gets you! […]