User Friendly Church Website

Strategies to Increase Use of Your Church Website

Seven Reasons Your Church Members Aren’t Using Your Church Website Looking for a way to better communicate with your congregation? Jonathan Howe identifies several ways to either improve the functionality of your church website or get an effective one started.

Faith To Hold On To

Discipling Christians that Stay Christians

4 Ways to Help Teens Keep Their Faith After Graduation Preparing for the future of your students is a present reality. Greg Stier gives 4 ways to pass on a lasting faith to your youth in his Pastor’ blog post.

Building Ownership in Your Student Ministry

Guest Post By Ben Birdsong

How do you retain students in your student ministry? It has been said that the strategy that you win them by will be the strategy you must continue to implement to keep them coming. Therefore, if it was a show that brought them into the door, the show must continue to get better and better […]

Getting Involved in Global Missions

Strategies for Presenting Missions to Your Youth

9 Ways To Teach Missions To The Youth In Your Church In his experience as a full time missionary, Mike offers great options for student pastors who want to generate interest among their students. Use one, if not all, of these suggestions and see what God does in your youth group!

Preaching or Teaching- Knowing the Difference

Forming Strategies That Help Spread the Gospel

Preaching Versus Teaching Barry York gives a valuable assessment of teaching and preaching. By identifying the purpose of both,  and understanding their differences, York provides a great resource to help you balance out your lessons so that you are presenting the Gospel as in Acts 5:42.

6 Steps to Kick off a New Year

Guest Post by Scott Huff

The end of the year has come. You have had many ups and downs. You have had many wins and losses. For some of you, the end of 2016 is a relief and for some it is bitter sweet. You may have had a difficult year filled with stress, anger, sadness, and even depression. Or, […]

Christmas is Coming: Help!

Appreciating Volunteers

5 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Volunteers Want some quick and inexpensive ways to thank your volunteers this Christmas? Gail Mayes with Vanderbloemen offers 5 simple and effective gifts that will show your appreciation!

Keeping and Empowering Your Leaders

By Doug Barnwell, Fellowship Bible Church

Influence is limited by capacity. We only have so many hours in the day, dollars in the bank, and resources at our disposal. The same is true of our capacity for relationship. Robin Dunbar believes the average human is only capable of maintaining 150 meaningful relationships. It comes as no surprise then that the average […]

Vision// What’s the Plan?

By Johnny McCartney, Grace Baptist Church

What is your five year plan? I functioned for several years without one. As a matter fact, I’m in my first ministry position that has lasted over five years. As I sit and write, I am developing a strategy that will carry my ministry, at my current church, for the next 13 years. I can’t […]