Youth Group Theme Nights

50 Themed Event Ideas – Stoked On Youth Ministry Great article if you are running low on theme ideas. However, we know youth pastors are quite the creative bunch, so if you have any other great theme ideas that you don’t see on this list, please share this article plus your youth group’s favorite theme […]

Podcasts For the Weary

Below are a few podcasts that speak directly to the struggles of ministry burnout, and how to take preventative measures so that your calling doesn’t fall into self-harm. Preventing Ministry Burnout: For The Church The first podcast is about 8 minutes. For The Church has put out a few really great shorts with interviews and […]

User Friendly Church Website

Strategies to Increase Use of Your Church Website

Seven Reasons Your Church Members Aren’t Using Your Church Website Looking for a way to better communicate with your congregation? Jonathan Howe identifies several ways to either improve the functionality of your church website or get an effective one started.