Podcasts For the Weary

Below are a few podcasts that speak directly to the struggles of ministry burnout, and how to take preventative measures so that your calling doesn’t fall into self-harm. Preventing Ministry Burnout: For The Church The first podcast is about 8 minutes. For The Church has put out a few really great shorts with interviews and […]

Counseling Resources Topic: Addiction

Addiction manifests itself in many ways. Drugs, pornography, and even technology are common items that anchor addiction in so many of the youth you will come into contact with. Ultimately, overcoming addiction is finding a way to remove dependence on these things and back on to God. Here are some helpful articles for when you […]

Counseling Resources for Youth Leaders

Included below are some basic resources for youth leaders that are less versed on counseling and mental health. Hopefully these will get you thinking about the necessity and importance of Bible-based counseling for your students. YouthMinistry.com: Ground Rules for Counseling Students Counseling One Another: How do I Find a Biblical Counselor in My Area? Biblical Counseling Coalition: Biblical […]