Influence// The Path and Purpose of Influence 

by Taylor Borders, Strength to Stand Event Director

We live in an era that’s obsessed with platform and we are conditioned by society to constantly be chasing the “next level”. Recently I’ve noticed this mentality spilling over into the world of ministry. A lot of ministry leaders seem to equate their value and define their “success” by the size or scope of their […]

Influence// Finding Balance in Ministry

Ken Bowman, Chapel Hill Baptist Church

As someone who feels very inadequate to write about this topic, I realize we’re all learning as we go. I recently read about a pastor who resigned from his church due to burn out. It does not matter how popular the pastor is or how large the church is, no minister is exempt from this […]

Influence// Don’t EVER Give Up!

by Scott Dawson

You probably share the Gospel every week in some form or another. No doubt, you have had times of wondering does it really matter? In today’s society, can Jesus really impact a life? In addition, what about those who walk away from us AFTER they hear the Gospel. What is a minister to do? NEVER […]

It’s a Balancing Act

Let’s get right to it and admit that balance is hard to achieve. If you have balance mastered, please contact me at [email protected] and let’s meet up! As a pastor to students, I know your plate is incredibly full. Let’s list a few things: Thursday and Friday nights are spent at various sporting events at […]

Ring, Ring, Ring.

Isn’t it amazing that you willfully are giving your life to students and families? I bet growing up in middle school and high school, you likely didn’t wake up every day saying, “I’m gonna hang out with teenagers every day when I’m adult.”. I actually smiled when I wrote that last sentence. I spent 15 […]

What Can You Influence?

Clyde Coleman. Larry Ballard. Mom. Dad. Stephen Rogers. Randy Pierson. Eugene Brandt. Scott Dawson. These are just a few of the dear people that have influenced my life. Some intentionally. Some accidentally. All influenced me to continue my pursuit of Christ and his honor. We spend days upon days looking at strategies, ideas, programs and […]