You Can’t Control God’s Influence

Preachers: God Will Make the Dents For The Church blogger, Erik Raymond, writes his contemplation on the idea of God’s influence on the congregation when He is using you as a minister or pastor. Although we get frustrated with our numbers and are looking to increase our own influence, it can be very comforting to […]

Lasting Influence

Influencing for God Long After You Pass Away

How Should Pastors Want to be Remembered When They Are Gone? Practical Shepherding Blog gives us a wonderful reminder that our influence for Christ is an ongoing effort by the entire church body. Who will the message on your tombstone say you influenced for, Christ or yourself?

Influencers Influence Influencers

Guest Post by Scott Huff

Influence is something earned and entrusted to those who have a passion for and track record in their calling. One responsibility of those who have influence is to train up others who can take on a similar influence and use it to continue their work. We may not see any better pictures of this than […]

The Choice of Influence

Including the Church in Your Life Decisions

Do You Make Life Decisions with Your Church in Mind? When faced with tough life decisions, do you consider the impact on your church or youth group? Using Paul as an example, Joshua Hedger points out the importance of knowing your impact on those immediately around you.

Under the Influence

Guest post by Joel Morgan

Under the influence is defined as, “the act of driving a motor vehicle with blood levels of alcohol in excess of a legal limit” or “an altered state of consciousness, attained through the ingestion of psychoactive drugs.” The phrase, “under the influence,” has a negative connotation. It automatically brings up images of a drunk driver […]

Selflessly Singing in Ministry

Influencing Others Through Song

Your Church Needs to Hear You Sing Matt Merker, a guest contributor for Desiring God, presents a fresh viewpoint on how you can include singing in your ministry. The good news is that you don’t have to take a single voice lesson! As Merker points out, there is something very influential about ministering to others through song.

The Art of Influence in Student Ministry

Guest Post by Ben Birdsong

Think back to the beginning- not THE beginning in Genesis 1, but the beginning of your journey in student ministry. At some point, you received a call from God to come and join Him as He works in the world. It was a call to change the world…to make an impact! Yet so often, as […]