The 10 Duties of Every Christian

A Blog Series Recommendation for Pastors

An Exciting New Series From Tim Challies: The 10 Duties of Every Christian Challies has taken on some hot topics in the past, but his announcement of his newest blog series proves to be challenging not only for his reader, but for himself. The ultimate goal is to prevent you from falling into hypocrisy, something […]

Why We Pray Over Our Events

Our team is getting ready for Barnfest this weekend in Jackson, TN. More than anything, we have noticed that the prayer support going into this event is strong- and we are being shown so many glimpses of how God is answering those prayers. Below are some blogs that speak to the how and why praying […]

A Proverbs Influenced Life

Post by Amber Hardy

Sometimes, I catch myself living for forgiveness. One of the beautiful things about a Christian life is that we do receive the forgiveness of sins, but this gift also begs to be taken advantage of- because I admit to sinning boldly with the knowledge that grace and forgiveness is just around the corner. That in […]