Mindful Ministers: Part Two of Four

TJ's 4x3=12

3 Thing YOU must know on growing yourself spiritually I recently was on an airplane heading back from a trip to Haiti. As I sat down and pulled out my iPad to begin writing this post, the safety instructions for the airplane came on. You know them. “In case of an emergency, an oxygen mask […]

Mindful Ministers: Part One of Four

TJ's 4x3=12 Series

Over the next several STS Network posts, I hope to bring you encouragement and understanding of Your Worth and Ministry Worth and how they intertwine. Each of the next 4 blogs, I will give you 3 ideas that I have picked up from other pastors, business leaders, friends, life experience and people I listen to […]

STS Five Star Articles

Aside from earning their 5 star status in our book, these blog posts are also all simply comprised of 5 items. And of course, there are 5 of them. Enjoy! 5 Realities About the Weight of Pastoring Eric Geiger speaks to the burdens pastors carry. Great article to ponder as you look to the trials […]

Student Ministry Networking Top 5

Strength to Stand Post by TJ Gilliam

          Our team is currently out on our 6 week STS Tour, and the Lord has really blessed each stop. It has been incredible watching local churches network together to make each stop happen. Its incredible when ministries don’t just talk about partnering, but actually do it! Its powerful for the […]

Childish Wonder

Strength to Stand Post by TJ Gilliam

My family and I visited the NASA Space Museum in Huntsville, AL this past weekend. We have never been there and were generously given passes by a former intern who’s dad is a rocket scientist from NASA (uh….yep, an actual rocket scientist). We drove up Saturday morning with the plans of having a picnic lunch, […]

Development / / The Most Wonderful Time

Strength to Stand

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. People are more thankful, caring, and compassionate during these 30 days. It’s astounding how we begin the day of “thanks” already anticipating what the next Holiday will be like. We know it as Christmas, and as believers, we also know […]

Development// 9 Ways Your Ego Prevents You From Experiencing God

Strength to Stand

This morning, I’d like to introduce you to one of my friend’s blogs. Frank is an outstanding man and writes with great conviction and clarity. The following post is simply to good not to share with each you. The content was originally posted at FrankPowell.me Lately, I’ve been haunted by a question. How could so much violence, […]

Development// Take a Different Path

by Strength to Stand

Sometimes it seems like I am beating my head against a wall. I want more of Jesus and then the new iPhone comes out and I want in. I want to worship more, then, I am distracted by a home emergency such as an AC or Hot Water Heater going out (Yep, happened this morning!). […]