Strengthening Faith in Small Groups

Why Does Your Small Group Meet? –  Desiring God As you settle into the school schedules with your youth, take this post from Steve Fuller at Desiring God into account when offering counsel to your students. This post is intended for small groups, but I think it has some really good things to say about […]

Expecting Volunteers

3 things to remember when recruiting volunteers for your ministry gives you ways to expect and prepare for those God has called to help you in your ministry- Preparation is indeed the first step towards increasing your volunteer pool, and as you read over, think about some of the ways that you pour […]

As We Think About Mother’s Day…

Authentic Community- Post by Gina Mayfield

Lately in our office we have been discussing sharing and how important it is to share your life with others. Not just what you did over the weekend, the latest thing your child did or how many numbers you are running on a Wednesday night, but real, authentic sharing. Sharing of struggles and hurts and […]

Mindful Ministers: Part Four of Four

TJ's 4x3=12 Series

3 Things YOU Must Know on Growing Yourself Physically I’ve rewritten this blog at least 5 times in hopes of communicating effectively with you, friends. Now, the following post could potentially cause you to grow frustrated with me, but please understand that I am writing from genuine care for my fellow brother and with an […]