The Forgotten Witness – A Simple Way to Evangelize Students

Looking for something free to do with your students as the weather cools down to a comfortable Fall breeze? Even better, want to do something with searching youth that lets them encounter God in a fresh way, and pushes them to ask questions about who He is and what He has done?

Take your students outdoors! Look around at what parks, hiking trails, and ‘hidden’ natural wonders are close by and plan an outing- challenge your students to invite their friends. As part of your journey, include scripture such as Jeremiah 32:17, Genesis 1:1, and John 1:1-3. These verses are great jumping off points for discussion. Below are some helpful articles from Eternal Perspective Ministries that capture how important experience in nature grows our understanding of the Creator.

Happiness Enjoying Creation 

Should We Be Spiritual Enough to Not Love God’s Created World?