Surviving Summer With Your Youth Group

Mid-Month Round Up

The arrival of summer can mean many things for a youth group. On one hand, there is plenty of extra time outside of school for the kids to get together or for your group to organize some stellar service projects. However, summer also brings mixed attendance due to family vacations, sport camps, etc. It can be a transition time, where your seniors struggle with their new place among their peers and your incoming students are fresh with new ideas and unique talents. Below are a few resources to consider, as you look to face the challenges of summer head on!

Help Your Newest Groups Survive the Summer – MarkHowellLive, Mark Howell *Good advice that can be applied in multiple settings.

Embracing the Mid-Trip Meltdown – YouthMinistry, Tony Myles

How To Have Tough Conversations Where Students Still Want To Come Back – DYM Blog, Justin Knowles

Your Short-Term Trips Have Not Prepared You For Long-Term Missions – A Life Overseas, Amy Medina. *This is a great article to discuss with your students before or after a missions trip. Ask students to weigh in on the benefits and limitations of short term missions.

How To Set A Solid Calendar For The Year – DYM Blog, Christopher Wesley

Youth Sports on Sundays: A Paradigm Shift – Upward Sports, Caz McCaslin *Some interesting thoughts on preparing your students who will be in the sports mission field