Counseling Resources Topic: Abuse and Neglect

What is the appropriate response to a youth who has been, or is currently being abused? Are there ways in which you can equip your students to identify neglect among their peers, and give them courage to step in and serve? Below are a few resources to help counsel and identify the effects of abuse and neglect.

When Your Counselee Confides Abuse– Biblical Counseling Coalition, Julie Ganschow

Always Assume Brokenness– DYM Blog, Rachel Blom

A Domestic Abuse Primer– Counseling One Another, Paul Tautges

Dear Abused, Remember Jesus… – Counseling One Another, Paul Tautges

The Abuse Pendulum (Part 1)– Biblical Counseling Coalition, Jim Newheiser

Extra: Tim Challies and Bob Kellemen discuss the definition and response to Spiritual Abuse, found in this article Practical Biblical Responses to Spiritual Abuse