STS Five Star Articles

Aside from earning their 5 star status in our book, these blog posts are also all simply comprised of 5 items. And of course, there are 5 of them. Enjoy!

5 Realities About the Weight of Pastoring

Eric Geiger speaks to the burdens pastors carry. Great article to ponder as you look to the trials of your own ministry.

5 Christian Cliches That Need to Die

Matt Smethurst with the Gospel Coalition boldly denounces 5 common sayings that can hinder your church’s growth. Most importantly, he gives us reasons why these cliches lead to dangerous thinking.

5 Ways to Lead the Next Generation and Avoid Becoming Obsolete’s Brandon Cox offers intentional ways to bring up a more intentional generation.

5 Easter Devotions for Junior High Ministry

As we approach Easter Sunday, the Junior High Ministry Blog Staff has given several devotions to help spark conversation among your students. And they’re all free!

5 Reminders as We Serve the Dying and Their Families

Joel Woodard offers a unique perspective on the role of a pastor in the midst of death and dying. A post worth pondering.