Counseling Resources Topic: Suicide and Depression

If you haven’t yet encountered a student with depression, you will. The overwhelming odds are that you will also have to counsel students or their families in the aftermath of a suicide as well. We offer up a few resources to help you navigate the Biblical approach to those in the midst of depression or suicide.

Desiring God, Jon Bloom: Help for Those Fighting or Grieving a Suicide

Biblical Counseling Coalition, Jeff Forrey: Why Pastoral Counsel Matters for Depressed People

Gospel Coalition, Justin Taylor: Suicide, Mental Illness, Depression, and the Church

Psalm 77: New International Version

*Bonus: Ortlund focuses more on temporary suffering, but the ideas of being a healthy presence in difficult times relates well to counseling those with long or short term depression. Gospel Coalition, Gavin Ortlund: How Not to Help a Sufferer