Influence// Don’t EVER Give Up!

by Scott Dawson

You probably share the Gospel every week in some form or another. No doubt, you have had times of wondering does it really matter? In today’s society, can Jesus really impact a life? In addition, what about those who walk away from us AFTER they hear the Gospel. What is a minister to do? NEVER GIVE UP.

Recently I had a youth pastor share a perspective on why we do what we do. He told me a story of a young man that came back to his youth group. The young man, now in his late twenties had been down a prodigal road. After stints in jail for drugs, this young man had turned to Jesus. When this young man shared with my youth pastor friend he told him, “I know you think of me as a failure to your ministry, but quite the opposite is true.” He confided to my friend that it was the verses he had used that he could not get away from.

Specifically, that he could TRUST God’s Word. Isaiah 55:11 tells us that His word will NEVER come back void. We share to see students and adults transformed by God’s power. Only He can change a life. Sometimes when we think no one is listening or no one is being impacted. God is planting His word in the hearts of our listeners. Do not grow weary in sharing the Gospel. He can change anyone’s life!

The next time you are standing before your audience take note of the lives that are being impacted for the rest of their life. We do not know what path they will travel, we can only make sure their hearts have been impacted with Scripture. In five years they will not remember the games, jokes, or even sermons, but may they remember the words of Christ!

Here are some great verses to share about how God can encourage you…

2 Timothy 1:7

1 Peter 5:7

Isaiah 40:31

Matthew 11:28

John 16:33