It’s a Balancing Act

Let’s get right to it and admit that balance is hard to achieve. If you have balance mastered, please contact me at and let’s meet up!

As a pastor to students, I know your plate is incredibly full. Let’s list a few things: Thursday and Friday nights are spent at various sporting events at different schools, playing the delicate balance game of making sure you get to all your schools. (I used to wear one school color and leave at half to head to another game, while changing my shirt in the vehicle!). During the week, you likely go to school lunches, speak at chapels, FCA’s and to teams. You go to school plays and musicals. You meet up with students early and even late. Sunday morning, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights are totally dedicated to church. You spend your “free time” preparing devotionals, Sunday morning curriculum, events and managing budgets. Everywhere you go in your city or town, you are likely looking out for students, parents of students and church members. I get it. You are b-u-s-y.

A church I served at had us do an activity log to count how our hours were spent through each day. We logged, literally, everything. It was tedious and annoying…but I learned a lot about my heart and direction as a pastor.

I pastored everyone really good. I invested, on average 55+ hours a week in ministry and students. The students were getting everything I had. The group was growing. We were baptizing a bunch. We were having fun. To be honest, I was very proud with the direction, but then I looked at the last metric measured.

Quality Family time. 14 hours average a week. Ugh…that hurt when I read that and realized what was in the depth of my heart. I spent all those hours investing in everyone else that I neglected my most important ministry. That being my wife, son and daughter. When I saw this, I had to step back and learn balance. We will continue defining balance together over time. I have no illusion that I can help you quickly achieve life-balance in one post. It took years for me to create the improper balance and it took quite a while finding a better balance (I say better because I haven’t fully achieved balance yet.).

Pastors, your “ministry” at your church is not worth sacrificing your true ministry, your family. I don’t want you to find balance to be an example to your students. That’s improper motive. I want to help you find the desire to find balance to honor the Lord.

Here’s my challenge for you you after reading this: Go download “Now Then Pro” app and track the next two weeks. Don’t change anything off your routine. After those twoweeks, I’d love to hear about your time categories and your balance. I’d love to encourage you. My email is

So, why is balance in our influence section rather than development. This is just a start. Before we can talk through using balance as influence, we must first look at ourselves and understand.

Praying for you as you begin to dig into your life balance.