Abide// theVine

Being connected is everything to something that is designed to be that way. Let me explain. Take a lamp for example. For it to light up is has to be connected. Actually…every light does. Flashlights have to be connected to batteries. Candles have to have wax and wick. A light can’t shine without its most essential requirement. Power.

Neither can you as husband, wife, father, mother, pastor or friend. You must be truly connected to your true power source, the vine, Jesus. John 15 is so essential to our lives that we will utilize 6 posts thinking and wrestling through it together.

John 15:1 is our focus here.

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.”

Such a statement as this causes us to stop and think, “Do I believe this?”. Jesus is the giver of life and the Father is the overseer of all of life. Do you believe Jesus is giving you life today? Do you believe that in him alone is where you find… you in Him?

A lamp’s identity is never just in its decorative design, but it’s purpose is to give off life illuminating it’s design to the room around it, causing others to see it. We should never be about causing others to see us, but by being connected to the vine, we cause others to see Him. It’s actually a beautiful thing to consider.

The Father is the Vine Dresser. He is providing everything needed through the the vine so that its branches can produce fruit to show the power and the sufficiency of the vine. The Father has provided Jesus and through Jesus has provided life for you.

Today, find yourself connected to the vine. Go outside and marvel at the beauty of nature. Look at people and be amazed at the Father’s creativity. Be astonished at the reading of John 3:16 all over again.

Today, worship the True Vine, Jesus.